For investors and fund managers

We assist venture capitalists, private equity firms, fund managers and sponsors in raising, managing and deploying capital. We have a wealth of knowledge in all aspects of alternative investment fund formation, day-to-day fund operations and investment transactions.

We have represented many of today’s most prominent Belgian venture capital firms since their inception; facilitating their ascent to household names and their exploration of investment strategies, new economies and international expansion. Our leading position in the structuring and negotiation of equity and equity-linked investments allows us to continuously monitor the latest market trends and maintain long-term relationships with investors, both in Belgium and abroad.

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General investor representation

We counsel on all aspects of business and operations, including the admission and withdrawal of managers, hiring and departure of employees and consultants, issuance of carried interest, establishment of profit sharing plans and transfers of interests in fund and management entities. We further advise on the establishment and maintenance of policies and procedures, securities law compliance and associated public and periodic reporting obligations. We collaborate with accountants, auditors and fund administrators to ensure a streamlined service for our clients.

Fund formation

As venture capitalists promote, market and raise new funds, we work with fund sponsors to design the optimal limited partner agreements, manage negotiations with prospective limited partners and efficiently manage the fundraising process to a successful closing.

Investor-side financing

Assisting with capital raisings in emerging growth companies is in our core DNA. We consistently negotiate and close venture financing in all shares and formats, giving us a broad perspective on what’s moving in the venture capital market in Belgium and abroad. We blend a pragmatic approach with the most recent market intelligence to help you close deals and build a promising portfolio.

In addition, after closing, we work with you to professionalize your portfolio companies to bring them to the required maturity level to achieve their business goals and ensure your value maximization as a stakeholder.

Mergers and acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions still account for the vast majority of all venture-backed exit activity. We have built a state-of-the-art M&A practice to ensure that you are in the strongest position to achieve optimal results in your divestments.

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Your success

“Being a trusted advisor for difference-makers in innovation industries is very inspiring and rewarding, especially when this nexus runs well beyond the legal framework,” says Sammy Perel. Wim Van Berendoncks…
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Our ecosystem

Much like the symbiosis that makes coral reefs flourish, Cambrian connects the dots in a highly specific and balanced ecosystem. This ecosystem requires in-depth know-how and business centric legal expertise. We continuously spot new opportunities, facilitate change and we challenge the status quo while providing clear and concise legal advice. Always.
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Announcement of launch of Cambrian

Antwerpen, Belgium – March 31, 2021 – Cambrian is delighted to announce its launch today as the first law firm in Belgium dedicated exclusively to the innovation economy. With one…
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We continuously endeavor to stay best-of-class in everything we do. Always with the long-term endgame in mind.

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