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Cambrian is a visionary law firm for entrepreneurs, companies and investors at the leading edge of the innovation economy. At Cambrian, we see our clients as partners. Whether you have been with us for days or decades, whether you are today’s industry leader or tomorrow’s game changer, we are always responsive and always on top of our game.

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Our lawyers have been among the first in Belgium to dedicate themselves exclusively to the innovation economy. They have maintained that singular focus for over a decade and today represent entrepreneurs, corporations and investors of all sizes, in Belgium and abroad. As such, Cambrian aims to be a true partner to its clients and support them in the entire spectrum of legal needs they have in relation to their innovative business ventures.


At Cambrian, we truly believe technology and innovation make the world a better place. We equally believe and acknowledge legislators need to create a framework for progress. As specialty lawyers, we are at the pivot point of technological transformation. We navigate those who drive innovation through the legal maze and we spot business opportunities seamlessly integrating within the legal framework. We embrace change and we help to drive the future forward from within.


We proactively seek legal opportunities rooted in our clients’ business and we pave the way forward with our clients. Our entrepreneurial spirit and our passion for technology and innovation is what we have in common. We pride ourselves to be embedded in our clients’ business and grow alongside our clients. We look at our clients’ world from an insider perspective. We are pragmatic — just like our clients. We are innovative — just like our clients. We embrace change — just like our clients. We are just like our clients: entrepreneurial at heart and passionate in our execution.


We pursue continuous improvement.
We know that improvement is not accidental and we will always purposefully seek improvement, and strongly safeguard quality, ethics and excellence in doing so.

We prioritize consistent action.
We prioritize consistent and exponential action to remain mentors and trusted advisors of current and future industry leaders.

We cherish relationships.
We build our brand and business with relationships and we build relationships based on the above values.