For entrepreneurs and emerging companies

We navigate entrepreneurs and emerging companies through the legal maze from inception to exit. Our approach, which encompasses deep expertise in all aspects of corporate and intellectual property law, combined with a business mindset and hands-on mentality, allows us to act as a strategic advisor through every stage of growth.

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Incorporation services

We guide clients through every stage of growth, beginning at the inception phase. With substantial collective knowledge earned alongside hundreds of entrepreneurs, we provide invaluable insight at this critical stage. We work with you to lay the best possible foundation for your company’s launch, growth and success – not merely from a legal perspective, but also including strategic advice regarding founder relationships, university tech transfers, and other organizational matters.

Venture financing

Helping emerging companies raise capital is in our DNA. We consistently negotiate and close venture financing in all shapes and formats, giving us a broad perspective on what is moving in the venture market in Belgium and abroad. We leverage our extensive experience and network to help you raise the capital you need on competitive terms. More importantly, our experience ensures that those deals are closed as quickly and efficiently as possible, so you can focus on what you do best: leading innovation.

Mergers and acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions still account for the vast majority of all venture-backed exit activity. We keep this in the back of our mind at all times and begin positioning our clients legal structure appropriately at their earliest stages to establish strategic options to ensure value maximization for all stakeholders. We have built a state-of-the-art M&A practice to ensure that you are positioned to achieve your goals, whether you seek to acquire companies or are the target of an acquisition.

Licensing, strategic partnering and commercial transactions

Intellectual property is a core asset of our clients. From start to finish, Cambrian assists its clients in all licensing and partnering ventures, from day- to-day operations to bet-the-farm intellectual property transactions. We have extensive expertise in all IP-related situations, as well as in all commercial aspects related to licensing or partnering transactions. We will ensure that your greatest assets remain protected at all times.


Cambrian’s services are designed to assist innovative ventures during each stage of their lifecycle starting from incorporation. We have developed tailor- made services, including services in a ‘counsel-as-a-service’ model for clients desiring day-to-day support. These services include Cambrian’s strategic focus combined with the hands-on mentality required to serve clients on a day-to-day basis and truly become a dedicated part of your team.

In addition, our counsel-as-a-service option could help you bring your organization to a required legal and/or strategic maturity level, either prior to or after raising additional funding.

Executive compensation

We have worked with manifold companies to design, draft and administer compensation plans and arrangements that drive growth and success, and align the interests of your invaluable key people with those of your business. We are steeped in the tax, corporate, labor and related technical complexities that govern these arrangements. We also understand their strategic and practical business implications for your company.

Privacy and data security

Cambrian has extensive expertise in the intertwinement of legal requirements and technical intricacies in the field of privacy and data security. We have developed a tailored practice that helps our clients steer a course through the security minefield, giving them specific and concrete advice based on applicable legal requirements, the relevant industry-specific standards and their own technical abilities. In an ever-changing legal environment, Cambrian provides privacy and security related advice that takes into account the particular technology and challenges of each client, and that puts theory into practice.

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Your success

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Our ecosystem

Much like the symbiosis that makes coral reefs flourish, Cambrian connects the dots in a highly specific and balanced ecosystem. This ecosystem requires in-depth know-how and business centric legal expertise. We continuously spot new opportunities, facilitate change and we challenge the status quo while providing clear and concise legal advice. Always.
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Announcement of launch of Cambrian

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We dare to back founders early. We are comfortable with the uncertainties that come along with setting up a new venture because we know that all epic achievements once started out as something smaller.

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