For maturing and public companies

We strongly support the innovation agendas of maturing and public corporations to fuel growth and expand to new markets. We have been among the forerunners in Belgium in the design of corporate partnering models, including licensing, setting up incubation programs, designing open innovation ecosystems, and negotiating corporate venturing investments and joint venture partnerships.

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Corporate services

We maintain steady and open relationships with management teams, boards and constituents of corporations, advising on general corporate, governance and securities law matters, but also serving as a sounding board to work with you in search of innovation and how to make it happen within your organization.

Licensing, strategic partnering and Commercial transactions

Intellectual property is a core asset of our clients. From start to finish, Cambrian assists its clients in all licensing and partnering ventures, from day-to-day operations to bet-the-farm intellectual property transactions. We have extensive expertise in all IP-related situations, as well as in all commercial aspects related to licensing or partnering transactions, and will ensure that your greatest assets remains protected at all times.

Collaborative partnerships

Whether it concerns creating strategic alliances, joint or funded development, or joint ventures, there are a variety of options to engage committedly with emerging or established companies. We have developed a tailored practice that helps our clients steer a course through the various partnering models, giving them specific and concrete advice based on organizational considerations, relevant industry-specific standards and ultimate collaboration goals. We know how to put your organization in pole position to become or remain a leading innovator.

Open innovation

Corporations exploring innovation from within may be interested in setting up incubation programs or designing open innovation ecosystems. We have been involved in the conception and implementation of various ecosystems, sandboxing and incubation programs for a wide scale of industries. Cambrian is skilled in structuring the governance of such programs, as well as advising on the topic of IP and commercial aspects, to ensure the most favorable environment to stimulate innovative ideas, while safeguarding adequate protection of any valuable outcome of the innovation program.

Corporate venture capital

Assisting with capital raisings in emerging growth companies is in our core DNA. We consistently negotiate and close venture financing in all shares and formats, giving us a broad perspective on what’s moving in the venture capital market in Belgium and abroad. We blend a pragmatic approach with the most recent market intelligence to help you close deals and build a promising portfolio that fits both the heritage and future of your organization. We work with you to create the type of deal that suits your purpose, whether you are in it to bring innovation to your industry or whether your investment is oriented toward a long-term strategic goal.

Fund formation

Our fund formation expertise combined with frequently assisting corporations in the innovation sector creates a unique skill set to assist corporations that are in the market to set up a corporate venture branch or fund. We partner with you to create an optimal fund formation and management approach that encompasses both your strategic considerations as a corporate organization as well as the more familiar intricacies of fund formation.

Mergers and acquisitions

Acquiring an innovative industry player may in some circumstances be the most straightforward way to add innovation to your organization. We have built a state-of-the-art M&A practice to ensure that you are in the strongest position to achieve optimal results and reach your goals, ensuring continuity and end-to-end integration along the way.

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Your success

“Being a trusted advisor for difference-makers in innovation industries is very inspiring and rewarding, especially when this nexus runs well beyond the legal framework,” says Sammy Perel. Wim Van Berendoncks…
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Our ecosystem

Much like the symbiosis that makes coral reefs flourish, Cambrian connects the dots in a highly specific and balanced ecosystem. This ecosystem requires in-depth know-how and business centric legal expertise. We continuously spot new opportunities, facilitate change and we challenge the status quo while providing clear and concise legal advice. Always.
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Announcement of launch of Cambrian

Antwerpen, Belgium – March 31, 2021 – Cambrian is delighted to announce its launch today as the first law firm in Belgium dedicated exclusively to the innovation economy. With one…
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Working with us should feel like working with a truly internal partner. Seamlessly adapted to your business culture yet challenging you at the same time. Guiding you towards continuous improvement.

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