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Your success

“Being a trusted advisor for difference-makers in innovation industries is very inspiring and rewarding, especially when this nexus runs well beyond the legal framework,” says Sammy Perel. Wim Van Berendoncks adds, “Our ultimate relationship with clients is a true partnership, sharing in their success and developing deep ties. This is…

Our ecosystem

Much like the symbiosis that makes coral reefs flourish, Cambrian connects the dots in a highly specific and balanced ecosystem. This ecosystem requires in-depth know-how and business centric legal expertise. We continuously spot new opportunities, facilitate change and we challenge the status quo while providing clear and concise legal advice. Always.
Red coral

Announcement of launch of Cambrian

Antwerpen, Belgium – March 31, 2021 – Cambrian is delighted to announce its launch today as the first law firm in Belgium dedicated exclusively to the innovation economy. With one of the largest and most experienced venture capital law teams in Belgium, Cambrian is uniquely positioned to service the legal…
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